is this video card alright?

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Apr 28, 2007
  1. im planning on buying a low budget video card to play semi-new games. ive seen this video card for $70 australia and i miught buy it if u guys think its alright for gaming. keepin mind, when i say gaming i dont mean high end graphics. just like games i can play with graphics set to medium. anyway the video card is the Sapphire Radeon x1050. Heres the link with all its specs. pLease tell me all about this card. thanks.

    by the way, my computer specs are: amd athlon 3500+ 960mb ram, 2.19ghz.
  2. Ressurrector

    Ressurrector TS Rookie Posts: 35

    i think it would be decent bro nothing fancy here but if the rest of ya specs are good you should be able to play most............ now that don't mean 60 fps every game try a lil older stuff to see this shine like AVP2 wolfenstein quake 3 I bet it will do BF 2 decent go for it just 50
  3. linkisspartan

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    hey thanks. sorry i just rang the store they said they didnt have it in stock. i edited my post and put in a new graphics card. the x1050. check it out lol. thanks anyway :D
  4. MetalX

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    X1050 is utterly terrible. Look at it like this:

    The X1 is the series, and the 050 is the model number.

    The X1 series contains the following:


    With X1950 being the best and X1050 the worst. Even some of the X1600s are terrible, so that gives you an idea of how bad an X1050 is...
  5. tweakboy

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    Like the guy said, That card will shine in older games,, like AVP2 Q3 etc etc,

    The newer DX9 based games will be utterly slow. You can make it look very good, as good as a higher end card, but the framerates will be 50 to 70 percent slower.

    Best thing is see if you can get a 1650 for 100ish or soo. gl,
  6. linkisspartan

    linkisspartan TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 68

    how about the x550?i was gonna buy that one but i changed my mind.
  7. beef_jerky4104

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    I would suggest a eVGA e-GeForce 8500 GT.
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