Isamonitor.exe, isamini.exe, trojan, newworm, VideoActiveX

By indigirl
Jan 18, 2007
  1. Hi

    My computer was infected by the virus, worm, trojan, Isamonitor.exe, isamini.exe, trojan, newworm, VideoActiveX and so forth, all in one go and my Antivirus was not suffcient enough to clean it. However, I followed on one of Mr. Howard Hopkins suggestions and ran CCleaner, Adaware, avast, spybot , smithfraudfix, AVG and Hijiackthis.

    I just wanted someone to check both my AVG report and Hijackthis log and see if my computer was cleared.

    Also i cannot open up my HP wireless assistant and it says I need a activeX from IE. I have uninstalled IE completely from my laptop.

    Secondly i still have a folder, Wildtangent, in my Program files. Is it a virus or was just a corrupted folder, since it was bouht up by the antivius. the program is uninstalled (by Anti-V , i suppose) but the folder still exists.

    So please help.

    Thanks in advance, indigirl.
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  3. indigirl

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    Well I have used my laptop to check accounts and so forth (bnk accnts, school accounts, etc) which do have vital information. So is it better to reformat it....
  4. Rik

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    If you have used acount numbers and security passwords then those need to be change and the banks need to be informes of a possible security breach.

    If thats the case, then a reformat and reinstall is the only safe way to proceed.

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