Issue with Removing Raid0 - noob needs assistance

By LieutenantFrost
Jan 3, 2010
  1. I was trying to remove a raid0 install on my win xp machine, and restore the drives to a primary/secondary set up, (not sure the raid terminology for this setup could someone tell me?)
    I have no real experience with raid setups and did not do the original install myself.

    not really knowing what I was doing and reading various forums I think I managed to delete the raid setup (Im not sure how to confirm this) and then reinstalled windows on the primary drive.

    After some monkeying around in bios and setting it to its default values,(figured a factory default would fix everything) I managed to get windows to install.

    Problem - is I don't know how to confirm that my set up is correct (that the raid is gone and Im correctly configured) in the set up I want. Also, when my system loads the boot up screen is flashing twice, it never did before, which makes me think its loading first the primary drive and then the second one independently.

    Im thinking I either haven't enabled something in the bios or there is some setting that still needs to be changed to have it read the drives normally.

    Currnently under my Serial -ata configuration I have
    Serial ATA controller {enabled}
    RAid Enabled [Disabled]

    Question #1) Should I have made any hardware changes? to cables or their locations, their positions or connectors on the mother board when I removed the raid0?
    Question #2) Is there any way to know what my configuration is ? or could someone tell me what it should be to get the results I want?
    Question #3) What parts of my bios do I need check to know that Im no longer in raid0 set up?

    any tips at all would be greatly appreciated.
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