Issue with updating


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I am updating my windows 10 to version 2004. However, I am getting the following errors:

I am unable to find proper solutions. Can anyone assist?


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I didn't look up the errors but how people get themselves into trouble is they seek out the vers 2004 update on their own and install it. Did you do that? If Windows update did not offer it to you then there was a compatibility problem. If you sought out the update and did it on your own you might have to try to roll back to 1909 and if that fails....uh oh..maybe a wipe/reinstall is easier than chasing down weird errors. You should definitely not be seeing errors.

I waited a super long time before doing 2004. Windows never popped a notice it was ready but when I typed "Check for Updates" it was there under downloads and ready to install, so I took a chance that it knew I was going to be OK. So far, so good. =)


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It gave me the alert.

Windows says the 2004 version installed properly, but it's the other microsoft related products seems to be giving the issue (like NET framework).