iTunes duplicating files in the playlist

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Apr 28, 2006
  1. My iTunes on my Powerbook is doing something that apparently iTunes thinks is logical, but I can't seem to figure out why its doing it, or any reasoning behind it. I'll show the pic then explain more.


    See how the songs are doubled up? Some have slightly different titles too, which I think is one is reading from the file, and one is reading the id3 tag. Now originally I thought maybe the directory had the files and ALSO a .m3u or .pls (playlist file) and it was reading that as well, but I checked the directory in question in the screenshot and it does not contain a playlist file.

    These by the way are being streamed over a network, the actual directory is U:\mp3s on one of my PCs, shared as mp3. Which I mount before opening iTunes. The files were originally put into iTunes by mounting the share, and then dragging the share into my created playlist for them in iTunes. I made sure to NOT have iTunes copy the files to the local hd, so all of this is streaming over the network.

    Any ideas on why things would double up like that, physically removing the duplicates is too much of a job to do, so don't suggest that :)
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    I didn't read it all because of 2 reasons (well 3). I have iTunes 6, thats 4.9. And also these problems didn't occur because of some mismanagement on my part, they occured right from the start, the drag and drop and BOOM now I have 2 of most files.

    the other reason is its friday night, and I'm trying to actually relax and enjoy these beers, rather than read up about some problem that I don't think is the problem I'm seeing
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    Have you looked at the properties of two of the same songs ? Do they point to the same mp3 file ?
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    Hmm, I originally thought so, but I checked just for fun, and they do not......

    Well this sucks, I created a thread about a problem I guess I created myself :)
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    Good thing I didn't delete the thread. I just checked another spot where the songs are duplicated. And the songs come from the same source, but, there was a .m3u in the dir. So my original theory might still be right. I'll post back if anything changes.
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