iTunes install problem: "Error 2330 ... C:\...\iTunes.Resources\en.lproj" Help!

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Jan 21, 2006
  1. I'm reinstalling iTunes because of a message I get when opening it to the effect of "iTunes cannot run because some required files are missing. Please install iTunes" or something like that. I figured if iTunes is corrupted, I should uninstall the existing version before reinstalling so I tried going to the "Windows Add/Remove Programs" to remove it. iTunes wasn't in this list so I then tried going into my Hard Drive where iTunes was located to try to find an uninstaller there, but there wasn't one.

    I gave up on the uninstall and figured I would just give the reinstall a chance. I've tried the iTunes download directly from and also the install from the CD you get with an ipod. Both ways work well for the majority of the install, but then towards the end, I always get this message:

    "Internal error 2330. 1117, C:\ProgramFiles\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\en.lproj"

    What does this mean? How do I fix it? Thanks for your help.
  2. heliosaur

    heliosaur TS Rookie

    yea me too. pls urgent help needed!! i hate listening to the same songs everyday.. T.T can someone pls help? i tried reformatting the disk according to the computer but it still didn't work. help.! T_T
  3. fastco

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    Try this; go HERE and download and install CC cleaner. Start the program.
    Click Tools then Uninstall, scroll down to Itunes and clickRun Uninstaller (on the right). Once that is finished click Issues (on the left) then Scan for Issues then Fix Selected Issues and fix all issues found. Restart the computer and reinstall Itunes.
  4. heliosaur

    heliosaur TS Rookie

    thanks alot man. you rock
  5. JaceJRotunno

    JaceJRotunno TS Rookie

    okay. so i did it execept when I tried to uninstall it said the same error all over again
  6. jobeard

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    iTunes\iTunes.Resources is the directory that contains the language specific files which are (for English)
    1. iPodSettings.nib
    2. iPod help.chm
    3. iTunes Help.chm
    4. iTunesLocalized.dll
    5. iTunesLocalized.qtr
    6. Localizable.strings

    First, make sure you are installing as ADMIN
    Second, attempt a REPAIR rather than a install

    you might search for iTunesLocalized.qtr on the whole HD as they're
    likely to be relocated elsewhere and you can copy the EN version where they
  7. lae959

    lae959 TS Rookie

    problem installing itunes7

    I just downloaded itunes 7 and keep trying to install it and it won't install. I keep getting error code 2330. I don't really care about having itunes 7, itunes 6 was working fine. The problem now id that when I plug my ipod in the ipod software is gone. HELP!
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