Java might be causing screen to freeze

By compused
Mar 6, 2009
  1. Hi,

    Every time I've run the 8-steps virus removal, I've also checked that my Java is up to date and have updated it when necessary.

    However, while researching my family tree today I went to register with the Scottish Register and they had a feature whereby you had to test to see if your Java was working to be able to read the varous documents online, and so I tested it and my Java was not and infact caused my computer to crash.

    Throughout today and on other occasions my screen still freezes and I wonder whether it is my Java download that is corrupt and whether it would be a good idea to uninstall it completely (I first installed it to watch BBC IPlayer) and download it again, in which case, which site is the best site to download from?
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    Hi composed,

    There's an error with a digital signature on that page, it's out of date, that's probably causing your browser to crash :(

    I just tested with Firefox 3.06 (latest is 3.07).

    You may be able to tweak the security settings in your browser to allow or trust

    Good luck,

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