Joystick Soft!

By Kurtee
Aug 26, 2006
  1. o.k guys i need your help on this........i recently bought a joystick.....its working fine..but i want to know a program or software that i can use to play all my games with the joystick even though they do no have joystick in the option menu......there must be some way, i'd apreciate it if you'd help......thanks in advance!
  2. FrozenTw

    FrozenTw TS Rookie

    im not sure if there is such a way. i think games are designed to detect only certain controls from certain inputs?
    but why would you want to play every game with a joystick? FPS, RPGs, RTS, you'd like it to be all playable with a joystick? im just curious thats all =P
  3. Kurtee

    Kurtee TS Rookie Topic Starter

  4. FrozenTw

    FrozenTw TS Rookie

    well congrats hehe
    guess i've learnt something too
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