Judge unfreezes overseas data search warrant, Microsoft says it won't comply

By Himanshu Arora ยท 5 replies
Sep 2, 2014
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  1. A federal judge last week lifted a stay on her earlier order directing Microsoft to hand over a customer's email stored in an Ireland data center to US officials. The software giant has no intention to comply, and will fight the...

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  2. The appropriate way to handle this would be for the US government to ASK the foreign nation to issue a search warrant of the DATA. And respect it if they refuse.

    This is how you build relationships. Which is something we need thanks to all the NSA scandal BS our government is involved in.
  3. Nha, the right way is to send a team of SEAL to steal the hard disk where the data is located, move to a undisclosed location, extract the data, send it to NSA for decryption then tell the court someone just hand them a usb drive with the data on it (on US soil).

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  4. Microsoft could overclock the HDD or start and accidental Fire in the Facility.... and oh w8 even the back up got LOST... and out of 5000 HDDS the one you needed got destoyed
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  5. dms96960

    dms96960 TS Guru Posts: 306   +69

    Why is Microsoft shielding an international drug dealer's emails when the court ordered them released?
  6. cliffordcooley

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    If you are going to ask why is MS, you might as well add Apple, Cisco, Verizon, and AT&T into the question.

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