Just finished hooking up in new case... is all well?

By cappy205
Dec 13, 2009
  1. How would i know if i wired up my hard drive correctly? From what it was in the old case it gets a connection to the IDE1 channel on the mobo, ( the big wide ribbon wire ) and an AUX power connector from the power unit. I'm having alot of trouble geting XP to operate or boot up everything because some of the components hav'nt worked together in the same case yet. I need to introduce my mobo to the hard drive , and windows xp was on the hard drive in my old case , I just want to make sure that all is hooked up right and that my HD is connected the way it should be. Someone told me if XP is on the HD, the mobo will be recognised when I boot off of the XP disk, like it would "repair" it or something...............very confusing and would greatly appreciate any and all help........thanxxx "K"..............( is it true that i do not need a "sata" connection if i have a IDE connect?)
  2. triztan

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    Though xp may boot from an old system, I would recomend a fresh install for your new system.
    That said, turn your system on and see what happens, if it's wired right during the post it should show you a listing for your primary master. To answer your question as long as you have ide you do not seed sata. They are kind of like the difference between satellite and cable, typically you have one or the other, although, occasionally you may have both.
  3. cappy205

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    the computer wins...again.

    Hey Triztan..thanks for your kind response..........I've decided to go with a clean xp install.................you're right, it just gets too complicated with all that could be lurking on my HD.............I had an old HD laying around so I put it in the case formatted it, and re-installed xp..........I have an x-ternal hd dock so I can always get my "stuff" off of the orig hd..it's just gonna be a hassle, but there are worse things in this world...all is up and running, and want to thank you again, for making this site a helpful hand when we need it..........thanks again........cappy205
  4. triztan

    triztan TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Glad everything worked out for you. Thanks for the update.
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