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By Maurice ยท 20 replies
Aug 23, 2004
  1. My method of dial-up is by Connection Manager, on that banner**, [**my name for the pop-up] you can access a lot; File, Options, Number Override, Help, plus, at the base; My Account.
    Is anybody there famililiar with this dial-up setup?
    Why I ask, is that I get frequent notices saying " Your session has been disconnected,, do you want to reconnect; Yes/No" [it's just happened now, as I type this.
    As I pay a monthly subscription fee, should this happen?, they do call it an "anytime" service.
    On my laptop, there was a different dial-up system, that allowed me to choose "always stay connected", or words to that effect, when I had this PC set up for me, he said that I had to have this system this time.
    Does anyone know how I can stay connected , using my present system, without having to reconnect, a lot of the time?

  2. RealBlackStuff

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  3. Maurice

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    RBS, You know me by now, because of all the problems I've been having, I'm always very unsure about d/loading a new thing, blast me all you wan't, but I need to know your opinion, on how safe this programme is, do you think it's compatable, with my apparently weird ISP, or will it smoothly integrate, do you think, have you, or someone you know, had first-hand experience?

    Sorry to be so indecisive, don't give up on me!

  4. RealBlackStuff

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    When I was still on dial-up I used a similar program (no longer available) to keep my connection "live".
    All these things do, is send a ping-command or simulate activity -in the background- to your ISP or another website such as Google. They do this at regular intervals, e.g. every 5 or 10 minutes. That way your ISP "knows" that there is activity on your line, and won't drop you, even if you are just staring at/reading a webpage.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Maurice

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    RBS, I went to the"Program Files" site, & d/loaded the program, unpacked it to Desktop, got the wizard to instal it, it then said "program installed, & ready to use", when I clicked on Outlook Express, the dial-up facility came up, I clicked on "connect", it dialled up, but it immediately said "Your connection has been disconnected, do you want to reconnect?, YES/NO", I dial up again, several times same thing emails are still arriving, but I can't get connected, & if I compose ,an email, I get the far too familiar "error" sign, as I have had in the past, but perhaps more often now, might even be permanent, I don't know.

    So, I went to delete the "Stay live" set-up, as Program files call their stay-on-line, I deleted the desktop icon first, then went to "add /delete files", & deleted, all I have left, is an icon that I dragged & dropped to the tray, l/hand side, I have found that I can delete it though, even though files weren't found.

    It is STILL furiously connecting/disconnecting, mostly when I'm on OE, Isuppose I can put up with that, but I'm worried if NONE of my emails go now.
    What I'll do, is shut down now, see if the email that I sent to myself goes, then or later in the evening,I'll see if goes then, it's stiill in the out tray, at present.
    It's strange, if I dial-up whilst not on Outlook Express, I stay on-line for a while, at least not like when I'm on OE, when it does it's continual off-line routine.
    Is there anywhere else I have to look, for parts of the programme I deleted?

    Boy, isn't computing GREAT fun???

  6. MYOB

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    It sounds like your line is very, very noisy, if you're getting constant disconnects.

    What connection speed do you get normally? If its below 35K, its a noisy line.

    I'd try to use the shortest, best quality cable from the BT box to the PC, with the fewest joins/convertors/splitters in it possible. That *might* help.
  7. Maurice

    Maurice Banned Topic Starter Posts: 646

    MYOB, on my Connection Manager, my connection speed at the moment is 31200, it varys between 28000 & this, it's been this for some time before I tried the programme that is supposed to keep me on line, I tried it, it, but it doesn't work, as you saw, as to my connection cable to my PC it's a straight run from my monitor , or did you mean some other connection, not sure what you mean by BT box, unless you mean the phone line connection to British Telecom?

    If you look at my posts on "Email problems", you'll see why I was trying to find a way to stay online, my ISP was having problems their end with email, particularly outgoing mail, among my posts there, you'll see that I'm having a LOT of grief in that area, you'll also see the message I sent to their support group, no reply yet, you won't be suprised to know, at the moment they are in the middle of an upgrade, so I'm hopiing that'll sort things out, [HAH!] for ever the optimist, if they don't shake their bones soon, I'm changing my ISP.

    Maurice [VERY irate!]
  8. MYOB

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    "the BT box" - the last bit of connection gear before the line leaves your house. Consumer Unit I think its called usually. If your computer isn't in your hall, you're probably using an extension off that, which will have a splitter, and a longer cable.

    Try connecting the computer directly to the Consumer Unit with as short a good (new) cable as possible, with as few convertors as possible - you may need an RJ45 to BT convertor though.

    28-30 is noisy, very very poor for a 56K modem, 45 is usually obtainable.
  9. InsaneMonkeyBoy

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    Can you really prevent dial-up from disconecting all of the time? That's one reason why we changed to ISDN. Good Luck by the way Maurice.

    PS: Woah i havn't seen so many ppl from the UK in one thread considering it's an american site.
  10. MYOB

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    Oi! Ireland isn't in the UK! It should also be noted the sites founders are Colombian and Irish, and still live where they come from.... Not a US site, then.

    And I think RBS may not be "from" Ireland, based on his surname :)

    I've been on dialup for 14 hours solid before. I've got the (obscenely high) Eircom bills to prove it. You just need a clean line.
  11. InsaneMonkeyBoy

    InsaneMonkeyBoy TS Rookie Posts: 163

    .......................................yeah ok i get it. Just tryin' to bring some spirit into the room geez.
  12. Maurice

    Maurice Banned Topic Starter Posts: 646

    Thanks guys,
    InsaneMonkeyBoy, firstly; NORTHERN Ireland is in the UK, surely, & secondly, you're right, MYOB, RBS, the demon Guinness drinker isn't originally from Ireland, [I'll give you a clue; tulips] but is married, or partnered to, an Irish colleen, a lucky man, so he is, to be sure, to be sure!
    Having cleared THAT up, regarding the phone line connection, the inital BT box is the other side of the hall, it then necessarily goes to the lounge where the PC is, round the skirting board, along under the front door, along the nearside hall wall, to a second plug-in phone point, over the door frame, [don't like connection lines across the floor], then it's a short distance to my workstation just inside the door, so, unavoidably, you're looking at about 34 feet, plus a loose coil of about 4 feet at the back of the workstation, a total of around 38 feet, BUT, my email problems only started very recently, amatter of two or three weeks ago, before that, for two years, no problems.
    The faults may still lie, as I explained before, with my ISP, who have admitted email problems at their end, which they say, they are trying to rectify, as I've said my only recourse maybe to change my ISP, I have the BT Online disc, & am told by a friend who uses it, that they've had no problems, what do you think, I should stop faffing about, & change?
  13. jshields13

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    Maurice. Have you considered using an online e-mail service, such as hotmail, yahoo, fastmail or one of the many other ones out there? You might find that using one of them makes your computing "life" a bit easier.
  14. SNGX1275

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    I think what is happening is OE is set to disconnect after checking email, or perhaps after sending it (been a long time since I've looked at that "feature").

    Just looked on this machine, go to tools -> Options -> connection tab in Outlook Express. Make "Hang up after sending and recieving" is NOT checked.
  15. RealBlackStuff

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    Heck guys, glad a load of you took care of Maurice. I was out working the whole day, so had no chance to continue my initial message.
    Maurice, for that Anti-Knock-Off program to work, you have to execute it first, by double-clicking on it. Perhaps re-install it and try it?
    I would not dare recommend you a non-working or virus-calling program.

    All the points our other colleagues have made are valid, so between us we should get you going.

    For anyone who is interested, I was born in Holland, travelled a lot, married an Irish girl, became a naturalised Irish Citizen and we are now living in Ireland since 1999.
    Been on the black stuff since 1977.

    I prefer Murphy's (from Cork) to Guinness (from Dublin).
    But Murphy's is very rare in Dublin (because it is from bl..dy Cork).
  16. MYOB

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    Ah right. The surname had to be dutch or former USSR anyway.

    You probably have an "intereting" accent from all the moves though.

    And I second SNGX's suggestion about OE, I forgot it had that "feature"
  17. RealBlackStuff

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    If you'd been old enough, I would have invited you for a pint, if you were in my area (Dublin 18).
  18. MYOB

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    Oooh, Saith Side, how posh :)

    (OK, its Sandyford, not so posh, but still the posh side of the river)
  19. RealBlackStuff

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    Leopardstown Heights actually.
  20. MYOB

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    Ooh, Leopardstown. That is Posh Saithside

    I'll take you up on that pint in February BTW :)
  21. Maurice

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    RBS, God, hope you didn't mind that I gave a large hint about your nationality, [tulips] but you must admit that it generated some good-hearted banter between you & the spalpeen from across the border!

    As to you other guys,
    Yes, I tried Yahoo in an emegency, it looked simple, composed a message, entered their address & mine, preessed "send",......nothing!, looked to see if I had to sign up, but couldn't see anywhere.
    I have now unticked "hang up.....etc", thanks, but there's a tale behind that, are you all sitting comfy?, then I'll begin;-

    Another disaster, booted-up yesterday, got "You will be asked to provide your user name & password, & presented me with a "Visp" connection Manager, which I had before I had to go over to "Breathe", & it would not let me do otherwise, so, wisely, as it happened, I called in my techno, [the good one]

    It took him quite a little while to get it right, after trying several things, he booted up, & got into safe mode, after a couple of minutes, he had sorted it out, I got the Breathe connection manager back, he filled in my details, & it was sorted.
    He still didn't know why it reverted like it did, & he is the bees knees, regarding IT, so, all I can hope is that it doesnt go t*ts up again, probably will, knowing my luck, but perhaps in another area, there's PLENTY of scope there!!

    Thanks, gang!

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