KFC is making a wacky and slightly creepy dating simulator

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Chicken fryer KFC has never shied away from branded off-product ideas like a special edition smartphone, wing box drones, and other wacky PR stunts. It even introduced an inventive, if somewhat creepy, VR training game a couple of years ago. This year the company has unleashed a new video game that has players vying for the Colonel’s affections.

In a partnership with developer Psyop, the chicken franchise has created a dating simulator called “I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Licking Good Dating Simulator.” A page for the game appeared on Steam today, but it will not be available for a couple more weeks.

Players fill the role of a culinary student trying to woo a young and more attractive version of Colonel Sanders, who is a fellow student at the school. It seems to be a standard cookie-cutter dating sim with multiple characters, including a dateable king of fried chicken. It breaks away from the mold with cooking battles, “battle battles,” and a degree from a fake culinary school.

While Psyop is providing development services for the game, it claims that KFC is entirely responsible for the concept and content of the dating sim.

A trailer for I Love You, Colonel Sanders! reveals a Japanese anime style akin to other games in this genre. Visuals appear hand-drawn, and conversations are in the typical text-box style.

The developers were vague on how much content the game contains, only saying that there are “multiple hours of play-through.”

KFC's concept is somewhat creepy, but then again, so was the VR training simulator.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Licking Good Dating Simulator will be available through Steam on September 24 for Windows and macOS. There was no word on price, but being a silly KFC promotional item, it will probably be free.

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Hey, KFC is the leader of fried chicken and a hot date. It's a well known fact that If you are a true Kentuckian you'll have chicken for breakfast, chicken for lunch, and chicken for dinner .... come midnight you'll have a breast in each hand, looking for another piece .....


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I still love KFC food, but pretty much everything they have done for the last 5 years is at least somewhat creepy.


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I liked KFC 15+ years ago, found now days every fast food restaurant tastes and smells like Mexican food in California, missed the KFC gravy smell.