Kinect for Windows coming to seven new markets this fall

Shawn Knight

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Microsoft will be releasing an update to the Kinect for Windows runtime and software development kit just a few weeks before Windows 8 drops. The October 8 update will provide further access to sensor data in order to inspire developers...

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Too bad Microsoft decided to say "Screw the hype! We're too big and important to capitalize on the excitement of a new piece of technology! We're going to sit around, wait and twiddle our thumbs until everybody has completely forgotten this tragic novelty gimmick before we start pushing it!".

Even though the ship has not only sailed, but gone around the world twice, the price is still heavily inflated.

Can we not just log onto Techspot and read a headline saying, "Microsoft has stopped with all of its useless gimmicks and flavour of the month toys, decided to be serious and started innovating again"?