KT400a mobos

By Steg
Mar 19, 2003
  1. DDR 400? DDR 333? which mobo?.....

    we all no that VIA have just releasesd there KT400a - but the question is (with a XP2100+ (266fsb)) will it be any quicker?
    Is it worth waiting and buying a kt400a board with DDR 400 or buying a KT400 board and DDR 333 ram....oh the questions!
    i currently run 133mhz ram so i need an upgrade....wot do i buy
    i dont think it is want to but a nforce2 becasue i cant afford 2 x 256 (CAS 2) ram sticks but i can afford 1 x 512 (CAS 2) and im a big chaintech fan
    ideas please

  2. d2thez

    d2thez TS Rookie

    Well it depends on what you use your computer for. If you are a heavy gamer, Nforce2 is the only way to fly. if you just use it for Word, internet, or other general usage reasons, the performance between the two boards isn't noticable. I have an Nforce2 and I highly recommend it! If you are ineterested in the Nforce 2 and don't want to spend a lot of money, I may be able to sell you two matching 256 sticks of DDR for a cheap price. They are CL2, and are identicle Hynix sticks. They are only 266 though, whic is perfect for what you have. The 400 and 333 ddr speeds won't help you unless you have a processor with a FSB at that speed. It is all up to you!
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