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Dec 23, 2003
  1. im ok with upgrading regular pc's, i've built a few, but i have a friend who asked me to take a look at his labtop, its a p3 forgot how fast, but he wants to upgrade the ram, he has 160mb, i guess i gotta find out how much it can hold.. he has about a gig left on the hard drive, not sure im gonna upgrade that, but if i do, i just wanna make sure its not rocket science... sorry i dont have the model number, and its a compaq...

    should i be able to do it? yes or no?
  2. Nodsu

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    You can definetly add more RAM if it isn't maxed out (probably not, 160 is a weird number) and replacing the HD can be done too.

    You can check all the hardware limitations from the Compaq website (if you know the model number of course).
  3. therealdeal329

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    true that thanks, yeah i saw 160 mb of ram, and i was like umm anyways once again.. .thanks
  4. Frag-o

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    Can I piggy back on this thread?

    I too have never upgraded a laptop, and I too have built many desktops.

    My question is are all laptop hard drives compatable. I mean if I yank the one out of my laptop can I buy just any brand and put it into my laptop? Of course it will be a laptop Hard Drive that I get. I am curious because my current laptop is fine runs like a champ, in fact it is my safty net for when I try crazy stufff with my desktops. But I want a bigger hard drive in it 20 gigs just isn't cutting it anymore. I have taken apart my laptop before just to see whats inside, call me wierd, so I can put it all together, I just want to avoid paying a lot of money for something I can't use.
  5. vassil3427

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    I think so, I believe all laptops use the same form factor and ide plug....
  6. SNGX1275

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    The 160Megs of RAM is probably cause by having a 128 module and a 64 module, and then stealing 32 of it for onboard video.
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