LAN connection and file and printer sharing

By vin_c_11
Sep 13, 2005
  1. puke: :hotbounce : I have 1 computer (win XP SP1) and 2 laptops (Win Xp SP2) sharing an wireless internet connection using a wireless router. I would like to share files & a printer between the three. I did try to connect them and put them in the same workgroup but it didnt work. One of the laptop can see the pc but it says "do not have permission, unaccesible contact the system administrator", but all the firewalls was already disabled and file and printer sharing was enable too. I dont know whats wrong, or do i need to configure something in the wireless router or in the computers? I have found so much information on the web that I'm totally confused. Could someone please tell me how to configure each computer step by step. Any help will be greatly appreciated. THX :confused: :knock:
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