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Apr 14, 2005
  1. Hello everyone. I've set up a small, 8 computer, network. All except 1 are within about 30 feet. The last computer is in the warehouse and is about 200 feet away. The warehouse computer connect is slow and often has problems connecting. Is there something like a booster for the signal? Is there a limit to the distance a computer is from the router? Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


  2. Nodsu

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    What sort of a network?
    Ethernet? Wireless?

    With ethernet, 200 feet is no problem if you use proper cabling.
    You can use a separate (directional) antenna to boost wireless coverage.
  3. monton

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    Ethernet distance question

    The LAN is ethernet. Is there such a thing as a "booster" for the signal? The computer I am having the connection/performance issue with is more than 200 feet.

    cat 5 cabling
    Linksys 8 port router
  4. HoopaJoop

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    You shouldn't have any problems with CAT5e cables up to 100m. If the cables aren't terminated per standard you can have problems with signal degredation at links over 20ft.

    I believe there is such a thing as an extender for CAT5e, but more often than not a simple hub or switch is used to extend.
  5. monton

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    More on distance etc

    Thanks HoopaJoop. I have single cables running from the router to each computer and terminating there. Currently there are two ports on the router open. What is the proper way to end a cable? Is there a particular hub or switch that would work best in this application? Thanks for helping out. Monton
  6. Vigilante

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    I belive the maximum CAT5 segment length is 100meters. About 330 feet. So yours should be okay.

    I would check the ends closely, or have someone clamp new ends on. Make sure all the wires are tight in and that you can see the coper cores right against the front of the plug. In other words, inspects the wires inside the plug and make sure none are pulled back and not pushed all the way into the plug.

    Check all along the cable, make sure it is not runing along any high power devices, generators, halogen lights, power lines etc... Which cause a lot of crosstalk and screwing up your signal.

    Then try a different port on the router, just in case. Try a new network card in the warehouse machine.

    Lastly, you said the computer is over 200 feet away, but how long is the cable itself? IF it's 250 or 300+ then it's possible you have cable length issues.

    You could go and get some CAT6 cable or CAT5e, which may have longer segment lengths. Or you could put a switch somewhere in the middle.

    It's actually a bit difficult to find a good document about the various types of cable and their lengths etc... I couldn't find a good one for the ten minutes or so I looked.
  7. Samstoned

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    stay away from fluorescent lights
    set the nic card to (if you can)full duplex mode

    ABAMOTO TS Rookie Posts: 27

    In order to troubleshoot it. move your warehouse desktop in front of the router and use a shorter cable to connect.

    In this case you can eliminate/identify possible root cause(s)

    Hope this helps.
  9. Nodsu

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    Testing the warehouse desktop with a short cable is a good idea.

    Ethernet has to work across 100m of cable. You could do the right thing and run some high quality shielded cable to the warehouse instead of whatever you have there at the moment.

    If you insist of "boosting" the signal then any hub or a switch will do.
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