Lan On 2 Pc's + Internet

By jmartinnel@lant
Apr 20, 2006
  1. Problem to setup Lan On 2 Pc's + Internet sharing

    I have 2 PC's connected by crossover cable. The one has an onboard lan card and the other one an Ethernet PCI card.
    Both use XP Pro OS.
    I did the setup for Internet, File and Printer sharing a year ago. All was working fine. Internet and mail from both PC, s.
    Then I had to format my PC and had to do the setup over again. I used XP's CD and thought it to be easy.
    This is my problem now:File and printer sharing is right. No problem.
    But I can connect to the internet from my PC (Ethernet card and Smartlink internal modem), but not from the other one. I did the setup as before.
    I also try to use the auto IP setting. If I ping the other PC then it works fine, but if I use the manual IP setup of and for the other PC then they do not ping but file and printer sharing is right.
    What should the IP settings be for both PC's.
    What must the Firewall settings be set to.

    I would appretiate any help
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