Laptop boot problem

By krishnasahai
Jun 12, 2010
  1. Laptop HP Compaq nc 8230, product no.PR173UA#ABA, product serial no.CNU5111D67.

    The computer, earlier, had the following problems:
    1. When cool, it used to, on power on, show small HP logo and boot. It used to get heated up after running for a few minutes and hang-up. Lifting the bottom-left corner (having CPU) about 1/2 inch to 11/2 inch progressively, immediately after hang-up, would clear the hang-up and run for hours if the corner was lifted in time. It did not take shut-down command. On pressing start key and then shut-down icon, it will not respond. Shut-down had to be made by power switch manually.
    It used to boot and run on SAFE mode but heating up and not shutting down normally persisted.
    2. When hot, on power off manually and then power on, it will show big HP logo, then give message, "Insert smart card in reader". We do not have any smart card and reader is disabled by us in Device Manager. So it did not boot.

    Now it has the following problems:
    On power-on, one of the two happen:
    (a) The HP logo comes on. At the bottom left of the screen, it reads, "F10=Rom Based Setup".
    On pressing F10 key, nothing happens. The logo remains on.
    (b). The logo goes off. A message appears in the middle of the screen, "Insert smart card into reader". We have no smart card as stated earlier. On pressing F10 key, it gives about 10 beeps. This goes on repeatedly as long as the key is kept pressed. At the left bottom corner of the screen, it reads,"Entering Set UP". After a while, the message changes into, "Smart card not present. Shutting Down". But the computer does not shut down. Manally the power is switched off.

    Any advice would be welcome and ack. with thanks.
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