Laptop LCD display issue...

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I've got a Dell Inspiron B120 with a busted screen. About three months ago I noticed that certain things were starting to look a bit off; text was fuzzy, the display seemed dimmer than usual even at its highest setting, and eventually the whole display went dim and fuzzy. I noticed that if I put pressure on a certain part of the screen (on the bezel in the upper left hand corner) the screen would snap back to normal, but only for so long as I kept pressure on that part of the screen. After about a month of this, the screen finally went completely dead (well, not completely, just so dim as to seem entirely black).

I finally decided to buy a new screen, which arrived today. After I installed it, everything seemed fine. However, a few hours later I noticed that text was starting to get sort of fuzzy and the brightness controls didn't do a thing.

The new screen didn't come with a new inverter, so I had to use the same one as I had before. Could this be the problem?

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

I know that the issue has to be the display (or something connected to the display) because when I hook the laptop up to an external monitor everything seems fine.

Futher note: The hinge on the left side of the laptop did not work smoothy, but sticked as I opened it. I thought that perhaps this was causing the problem (as I opened the display, the right opened quicker than the left, tweaking the screen in the process) but I fixed the hinge before I installed the new display.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.
Always replace the inverter first, before replacing the LCD panel, not the other way around...

Replace the inverter
Check eBay for replacement screens. I bought one a few years ago. Was just as cheap to buy the whole thing instead of just the inverter.
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