Laptop overheating issues


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Toshiba Satellite Laptop - A105-S2101
Model no. PSAA5U-01300Q

When I leave the laptop on all day in the evening hours it shuts itself off and is really hot. I turn it in the morning hours then it acts up around 8pm hour.


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Firstly do u use it on ur bed or on a sofa as it will not be able to breath propaly as the fans underneath ... also u could buy some compressed air and spray any dust out also make sure the fan is spinning to help keep it cool and if u feel comfortable maybe open up to clean all dust out where fan is


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Alot of people use laptops on quilts blankets etc its not good because the laptop cant breath ...try things ive put above im sure this should help ..


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The CPU and GPU chips on the motherboard run hot anyway. The thermal paste or pads that cool them may have been damaged by continuous overheating due to running the laptop on laps and blankets. The thermal paste and pads need to be replaced by qualified computer repair people


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How often do you use the laptop.
because it can often be your usage is too high so it cannot handle the heat try using it less or if you need it all of the time just go out and buy a new computer in full I advise this because it will probally just get worse


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How you figure? Works now and can leave it on for days with no issues.
Probably because you need to get your thermal paste / pads reapplied. No amount of compressed air will fix that issue.

Thermal paste is used to help dissipate heat created by your processor. Incorrectly applied or insufficient amount / lack of thermal paste will lead to high operating temperatures.