Laptop running slow,certain it's a virus.Followed 8 Steps.Need Help!

By sammiantha
Jan 17, 2010
  1. Hiya,
    I've followed the 8 steps and my laptop has slightly improved but is still running slow. It started when I decided to look at pictures of that "cat woman" who had plastic surgery, I opened one of the pictures on google and it alerted me saying I had a trojanhorse. It said I had gotten rid of it but my laptop's been messed up since then.

    When doing the 8 steps, I managed to remove Ad-Aware which had stopped working on my laptop and which I couldn't remove before until I used CCleaner and removed it that way. I also noticed I had this messenger called Spare messaging. When googled it said it could be a keylogger.

    I would normally try to reformat my laptop, but I had no disk with my laptop when it was bought (new from the shop) and it's been over a year without me noticing until now when I need it!

    I'm not really that bright with computers so please go easy on me as some things will go straight over my head!
    Many thanks in advance for any help. I have more logs to upload but it will only allow 5.

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  2. sammiantha

    sammiantha TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Can anyone help me please?
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