laptop screen remains blank

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I have a Fujitsu-Siemens (Amilo series) laptop. I have windows XP on my machine.Everything was fine since yesterday.
Now when i turn on the lap top , i can see the power lights and all but there is nothing at all on the laptop screen. The screen remains cursor...nothing at all just a dark screen. I don't know what has happened. Please guide me to solve this problem.


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No picture means No device.

When the computer boots and runs just fine, and you can even hear Windows running (sounds and all), but the screen is blank, somehow you have deleted the Display Device from your Hardware profile.

I've accidentally done this before myself while trying to update my video driver. It kept prompting me to switch to the "default VGA driver" and I foolishly thought disabling the existing driver would force it to use the default. But no, when you remove a device, be it a printer or pci card or even your computer screen, Windows happily obliges and just reboots without it (you can't even get it back by using Safe Mode). Once a device has been removed, only redetecting it will get it back. And that is difficult to do with a monitor when you can't even see the screen to do it.

Unfortunately, not even reinstalling Windows or doing a "Repair" will get it back. The only solution I found to such a disaster was to reformat and reinstall Windows. :(

What was the situation leading up to your screen blanking out? Might it be the result of anything you did yourself?
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