Laptop Screen Suddenly went blank... Help Please

By imdabs
Jun 10, 2005
  1. HI,
    I was working on my laptop for few hours..and suddenly now screen went blank... and wont comeback... i tried rebooting it but still no avail.... it wont show even the initial bios setting.. i tried to connect it to desktop monitor still blank.. but hard drive light wont go off (it is not blinking it just switch on and remain that way)...

    And if i remember correctly 20-30 minutes before this happened my laptop battery light went red (which means it is charging) though it was fully charged though i ignored it...

    My system configuration:

    NEC Versa E680.. around one year old but heavily used.. left switched on most of the times...

    1.6 GHZ centrino..

    772 MB DDR ram (512 dimm installed just last month)
    40 gb Hard drive
    XP home SP2 with all updates
    video card not sure but searching on net shows similar system with Intel Extreme Graphics DVMT Video Controller
    Video Memory: shared: 32 OR 64MB(not sure)

    2nd day:

    I have tried to re-seat the rams.. even one by one (keeping other dimm out)...... no change

    I changed the hard drive with a brand new one (i got one spare) it switches off the hard drive LED.. (but switching back to old hard drive gets it again continuously lit mode...).... don't know what does this imply??

    putting a cd/dvd makes it auto run (i know because there are CD spinning sound) .. so with that can i conclude that at least processor/ MB is working??

    but still no fan action..... may be that is the culprit?? is there something which prevent bios to run if fan fails???

    I am unable to open it up so cant get access to MB battery.. does anybody know how to do that??

    Please help.. i have got lots of imp data on this machine...

    Thanks in advance..

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