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Nov 15, 2011
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  1. I have a Dell that runs Windows 7 and I use Google Chrome. For some time now, my computer has slowly but surely not been loading pages. I had a friend look at it and there are no viruses. I have done all that I know possible. It is not the internet connection because my roommates computer will run all of them. Someone said I should add more memory, but I've only had the computer for a year. Can anyone give me any advice?
  2. jobeard

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    Which browser?

    Recommend you disable all add-ons, quit the browser and relaunch it.
    Also be sure to try three or four websites to be sure it is not related to the server end.
  3. fransal

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    I use Google Chrome.
    This has been happening now for a few months, and it is any website I try to access.
  4. mike1959

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    Can you type into your "search" box; ( that's START icon lower left of screen, in the taskbar, then click once in the Search box)
    Type "internet explorer".
    At the top of the list that appears, there will be 2 versions of I.E.
    Click on the second one (no add ons). see how it performs on the web.
    If it works well, then you have to remove the "Add-ons" from your browsers, one by one till I.E works well again. (Maybe easier to delete Chrome and download it again.)
    Have you done maintenance on this pc? That is keeping the web "clutter" down.
    Try downloading the free program;
    Click on the Green button on that page to download.
    Run the program using the Cleaner and registry options.
    Use the program as it installs, don't tick any of the empty boxes that show on the left.
    You can use this program every time you use the pc, it's reliable and does a great job at cleaning up the files and junk you don't need. If any doubt, read the reviews, you won't find a poor one !
    Also probably a good idea to run a defragmentation program, the built in one is fair, or the one by Auslogics is my choice.
  5. Laca

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    I need to agree Mike1959. Reinstall chrome would be the most easy way to solute the problem. But what I need to say is that ccleaner sometimes doesn't get all components. Maybe there is another program you know. Nevertheless, ccleaner is a good programm to clean up.
  6. CAMusing

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  7. learninmypc

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    Is your Google Chrome FULLY up to date?

    Just today.

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