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Oct 5, 2008
  1. Hi I have a Sony Vaio pcg-k33 laptop. I broke my dc powerjack recently and yesterday I replaced it. I soldered it all correctly. But now when I try to turn it on all that happens is the little battery light lights up which is followed by the power light, but only for a split second then it turns off. Also my wireless light lights up as well for a split second. I am thinking it might be the cpu since I cant hear it starting up at all, and the fans do not turn on at all as well. I tried plugging in just the ac adapter and trying to start it up. Tried just the battery, and both together, same result. I hear some high pitched noise coming from what seems to be either the power unit which charges the battery and connects to the dc power jack. Or it sounds like the little system battery (the little round one). Also I have tried removing the CPU to check if it is the source of the problem but if I do that, the lights wont even come on.

    Also, do I need to plug in my keyboard and touchpad to make like a closed circuit or does It not matter and it should start up without them. Because I dont want To break the little clips that hold the ribbons from the keyboard and touchpad tightly locked to the motherboard.

    I am going to the store right now to buy a new system battery and see if maybe thats the problem. I read in some other forums that it might be the problem. And if the battery comes in magnetic contact doesn't it get ruined ? Because I have accidentally done that.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Tedster

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  3. astanin

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    sorry its none of those. When I say that the lights come on, its only for a split second then shut off, i mean its not even on for a second. Also if I hold the powerbutton the lights come on then shutoff. Then it sounds like its trying to boot again and again. I hear low pitch changing to high pitch then click. This repeats while I hold the power button down. Also the wireless light will keep turning on then off in sync with the clicks. It sounds like its trying to power on but something is preventing it.
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    Check your power jack in the back. i had to change mine on my persario laptop
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    "broke my dc powerjack recently and yesterday I replaced it " I already replaced it as stated in the first post, but thanks. OK I got it to start up, the cpu wasnt tighly secured and it didnt have a good enough connection to Start. But now I face another problem, my screen does not want to start everything works besides the screen. I plugged in an external monitor and it reacts to the connection it just doesnt show anything. (Because you have to enable the second monitor inside the properties) Again any help greatly appreciated.
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    You should not need to enable anything for an external monitor to work. If you connect the system will sense it and activate it. Or it may be a certain key that you press.. Look for and download the instructions to make sure.
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    I guess you didn't read the guide.

    Your Powerjack is probably gone. Or your inverter is bad (internally).
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