Laptops bricked after failed windows 8 install

  1. I have a g73jh x1 gaming laptop that had a corrupted windows 7OS. I attempted to do a clean install of windows 8 via a external hard drive. I formatted and partitioned the OS drive and installed windows.
    The install failed about a quarter of the way through (bad ISO I suspect) and after a reset I found that the laptop would make all the sounds of it booting up but the screen is completely black. It will run for hours with nothing on the screen.
    I cannot boot into BIOS. It will not boot to a windows disk. It's a brick. Ive never had a hardware problem with this laptop and overall for the four years I've owned it it's been issue free.
    Any advice someone could give be appreciated. I've run out of options.
  2. jobeard

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    The MBR is corrupt and it has changed from Win/7 to Win/8 with UEFI technology.

    Decide what you want, low-level reformat and repartition. THEN reinstall
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