Learn network engineering basics with this 7 courses for 88% off

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Jun 23, 2015
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  1. Good network engineers are the Swiss Army knife of the IT set: they’re well-versed in several different programming languages and procedures, and they’re able to fit them all together seamlessly. For only $59, you can learn how to streamline your network, learn new skills or even brush up on old favorites with INE's Network Engineer's Learning Bundle.

    For 88% off their regular price, you'll get lifetime access to these 7 courses:

    • Introduction to Python Programming for Network Engineers: Get familiar with this popular, easy-to-use programming language, including variables, data types, control structures & functions.
    • Python Programming for Network Engineers: Take your Python mastery to the next level with more advanced functions.
    • Linux Fundamentals for Network Engineers: Learn the Linux OS environment with this overview of basic Linux principles.
    • Shell Scripting Fundamentals for Network Engineers: Bash shell programming takes Linux up a notch, including awk/nawk/gawk, sed, grep/egrep & Expect.
    • Task Automation for Network Engineers (TCL/Expect): Save time and avoid headaches learning scripting that does your work for you.
    • Java Fundamentals for Network Engineers: Understand all things Java, including primitives & objects, classes & instances, various interfaces, and implementation frameworks.
    • Vagrant Fundamentals for Network Engineers: Learn why Vagrant is one of programming’s most popular options for creating virtual development environments.

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    They are ads, from start to finish, that is why the author is TechSpot Deals.

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