Lenovo T500 Thinkpad: Random shut downs?

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I'm running a lenovo T500 thinkpad, and it's relatively new - that is, I bought it last winter - but recently, I've been having what seems to be a hardware problem. Or, at least, that's what the guys over in the Virus and Malware removal section are telling me:

Because from time to time, my laptop has decided it's just going to go ahead and shut itself down. Completely. No lights, no nothing - pressing the power button doesn't do anything. I almost always have it plugged into a socket, and that light won't show either - I've found that taking the battery out of the laptop and letting it sit for a little before putting the battery back in usually gets the laptop to work again.

It's only happened recently, but it's happened twice in the past week - which is a little more than bothersome, since the antivirus I have runs a full scan when it happens.

I've noticed that my laptop gets a little hot - not too hot that I can't touch it - but as far as I know, I've never had a problem with overheating or anything similar, which leaves me in the dark about this entire thing.

I'm really hoping that this doesn't turn out to be a hardware problem; I should still be on warranty, but I'm a little - okay, that's a lie, I'm pretty damn - scared to try and open up my laptop and fiddle with anything.

Hope this is enough information for someone out there to give me some sort've idea of what's going on - and maybe how I could go about fixing this.

Thanks so much in advance, guys.
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