Lenovo website apparently hacked by Lizard Squad because of Superfish incident

Shawn Knight

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Things took a turn from bad to worse from Lenovo this week. After the embarrassment that was Superfish last week, the Chinese computer maker's website recently fell victim to hackers.

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In one screenshot of an e-mail, we learn that removal of the Superfish software on one customer’s computer resulted in a bricked device.

Bullshit. I mean absolute bullshit. Do the Techspot writers and editors even know what the word bricked means? A brick is a device that has been rendered unusable by an corrupted update that prevents a device booting into anything. If you can boot into BIOS you can't possibly classify it as a brick. Just because some stupid email has a consumer claiming their computer is "bricked" doesn't mean that it is. OS corrupted? maybe. They can do a reinstall. Bricked? Not a chance in hell.