Level Home introduces $250 smart lock backed by Walmart

Shawn Knight

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Smart home startup Level Home emerged from the shadows on Tuesday to unveil its debut product.

The Level Lock is being billed as the world’s first “invisible” smart lock. In essence, it addresses a pain point in the smart door lock industry – aesthetics. Whereas most smart locks require you to replace your entire lock assembly with a clunky keypad or other unsightly interface, the Level Lock fits inside your existing deadbolt to preserve the look of your home.

It’s such a simple solution that it makes you wonder why someone hasn’t done it sooner.

John Martin, co-founder and CEO of Level Home, said that many smart home products currently on the market over emphasize technology and end up complicating our lives. Level Lock is designed to be simple, intuitive and seamlessly fit into the life of the connected consumer.

Martin and CTO Ken Goto - both former Apple employees - founded Level Home in late 2016. Since that time, they’ve raised $71 million in funding led by investments from Walmart and construction company Lennar Homes.

Interested parties can reserve Level Lock from today over on the company’s website. It’s scheduled to ship in January 2020 at an MSRP of $249.

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Uncle Al

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No matter how smart it is I won't own anything but a mechanical lock. If it can be defeated, it will be, just a matter of time before somebody figures out how to hack it then publishes it for all to see on the internet ....