Lexmark Z640 driver problem with Vista

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Apr 10, 2007
  1. I don't know if any of you guys can help, Situation so far is new computer, new printer, drivers on CD for printer not working with vista. I have downloaded Vista driver from Lexmark site and installed them and they seemed to install Ok. The problem I am now having is that if I go to printers in control panel the printer shows up as "ready", as soon as I ask it to print a test page the printer goes offline and won't print, no error message, nothing. I have checked USB connections and they are Ok, I have tried to sort it out on the Lexmark site but it is just so painfully slow I gave up with it, hoping you guys can help.

    My personal experience with Vista are not good so far, admittedly I have experience of only 5 machines, but 3 had problems with drivers and the other 2 crashed and would not boot into windows.
    All the machines I am building at the moment are with XP because I cannot recommend Vista at the moment.
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    The File has moved!

    You have to go to a new file location. I spent several days and about an hour on the phone with tech support before I figured it out.
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    The link has moved!

    Sorry, I must post three times before they will let me put a link into the message.
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    The link has moved.

    See below for valueable information.
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