LG's prototype fridge sports a massive, semi-transparent tablet / window

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LG Electronics at the 2016 IFA trade show in Berlin is showing off a prototype refrigerator sporting a massive Windows 10 tablet on one of its front doors.

Known officially as the LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, the appliance features a 29-inch integrated tablet mounted portrait-style. The display can be used for the usual smart fridge tasks – showing recipes, watching cooking videos on YouTube, jotting down a shopping list and so on – but what’s really neat here is the fact that the display is semi-transparent.

When you want to see what’s inside the fridge, you can simply activate the screen’s semi-transparent mode for a quick peek inside without having to open the door. You can even use overlays to create virtual post-it notes or compartments to keep food separated. For example, you could section off an area for gluten-free foods or if you have roommates, assign regions for each occupant.

As is the case with most smart appliances these days, this falls comfortably into the “need” category – a luxury or toy, really, as you can get a basic refrigerator for far less than what I assume this will cost (if it ever makes it to market).

Again, this is just a prototype at this point which means LG wasn’t able to comment on its (potential) price or release date. That said, given Samsung’s similar Family Hub fridge goes for around $4,000, LG’s model will likely come in at around the same price point.

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Not to diminish the technology, but you know what happens in your stomach if you eat that cabbage and then drink beer?

I guess the fridge isn't smart enough to warn *****$ of buying incompatible products that can make your bowels explode...
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We are screwed... M$ has taken over the refrigerator market! Next thing you know your refrigerator keeps shutting off when you open the door due to a bad update! You'll have to unplug the power cord for 10 seconds to get it to come back on.


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Now if it will only come to me when I want something and also cook my meals, I would be interested. Without those features, though, I'll pass. :)


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If it has speakers and can play videos, I could see some usefulness. Have a cooking show or the news or something playing on the screen (of course only half).


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I have an LG fridge freezer and the damn thing is packing up after only four years due to a fault with the condenser... I wonder how long this box of gimmicks will last before something goes wrong with it.


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Looking at my petty refrigerator... *Sigh*

The kitchen doesn't even have room to place that mammoth. My entire flat is only 120 square meters. Maybe in an other life.

If it has speakers and can play videos, I could see some usefulness. Have a cooking show or the news or something playing on the screen (of course only half).

But if you have the room, why not a smart TV? At the beginning I liked the idea, but the more I'm thinking about, the less appealing it seems. How comfortable is to keep staring at your refrigerator? Don't know...
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What's next oh a tablet duct taped onto my show curtains how genius! My trash lid woah so innovative. My closet door, ureka! On the back of my tv remote?! Washer n dryer OMG!

In other news kitchen related injury due to appliance punching has went up 300%.


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After you buy it you get this message - sorry due to copyright infringement your carrots are not available at this time, please contact customer support.