Limited Connectivity Fixed

By Frunch
Jan 7, 2014
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  1. Good day,

    I wanted to post my fix for my connectivity problem since another thread here steered me to the right fix but it was quite a bit different from the fix they had posted. That thread has since been closed. The poster suggested removing anti virus programs on a computer that could connect to a network but got Limited Connectivity error. When I tried to manually remove AVG I got an error, used AVG removal tool which removed it fine but didnt fix the issue.

    What fixed the issue immediately for me was manually disabling "AVG network filter driver" which I found in each network adapter properties. This filter driver was present even after running the removal tool which I find very strange.

    Hope this helps someone :)
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  2. jonmarco

    jonmarco TS Rookie

    THANK YOU! This fixed my problem. I am computer stupid and thought I was going to have to take my laptop in to be fixed. You saved me money and hassle. Thanks!

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