Linksys Wireless PCI Card doesn't automatically connect at Boot up

By Adam258
Jan 25, 2005
  1. I recently purchased a Belkin Wirless "G" Router to support my wireless home network. I then installed a Linksys Wireless card that I had purchased a while back (WMP11 ver.2.7 / 802.11b) on my 2nd desktop. After installing the card (in the proper order outlined in the manual) I noticed that the card wasn't connecting to the network. I was using the proper SSID, Network type and channel, but nada. I thought it was some setting, so I inserted the Setup CD back in and voila, I have internet.

    Now here's the problem: everytime I boot up my Windows 2000 with SP4, I notice the Linksys Icon in the tray but it remains inactive. When I boot up the computer with the Install CD for the Linksys network card I have internet. So what gives. I've tried every fix imaginable off the Support site from Microsoft, but nothing. I called Linksys, but after some troubleshooting, they told me it's the Operating Software. They told me all my drivers are up to date too. I should note that this card works fine on my windows XP computer.

    Furthermore, I often get the error message: "Access violation at address 0041258B in module 'SetupWizard.exe'. Read of address 000002F4"

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Rick

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    "SetupWizard.exe" is part of the Linksys drive setup. So there's definitely something up.

    To be honest, I think the best thing to do is take the card back and get another one. I've worked on dozens of computers that have had problems with their wireless Linksys cards. It just isn't worth the effort to fix it if you can get a better card from Netgear, D-Link etc...

    Probably the most common suggestion would be to uninstall the Linksys software completely from the Add/Remove Programs panel in Control Panel. Forget about the CD and download the newest drivers from Linksys' website. Install the downloaded drivers and hopefully everything will work okay.

    Linksys offers firmware updates for many of their products too, and yours may also have a firmware update available which fixes bugs etc.. You may want to look into this if your card does not work properly.

    Also, I am familiar with a problem relating to Belkin wireless products that makes it literally impossible to properly install any wireless networking adapter in Windows 2000. I've only seen it once, but it doesn't sound like the same problem anyway. (In device manager, the wireless card would show up as not working properly), but it could be related...

    I worked on that computer for an entire day, complimentary for the customer, and decided it would be cheaper to reinstall Windows than fool with it anymore.

    But that's just an example of what to expect and why buying another card and returning this one may make more sense for you instead of banging your head. :)
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