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Linux Foundation: bashing Microsoft now is "like kicking a puppy"

By Emil ยท 63 replies
Apr 5, 2011
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  1. The Linux Foundation has essentially declared itself victorious in its software war with Microsoft. The organization believes that in every category but the desktop, Linux, in one form or another, is beating Microsoft's offerings. As a result, the software giant is no longer important, nor much of a threat, to the organization.

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  2. Each release of ubuntu looks more and more like windows.
  3. TeamworkGuy2

    TeamworkGuy2 TS Enthusiast Posts: 190

    lol, I love Tux :)
    I also, like Linux and Linux derivatives like ubuntu, have a 40 or 50 Gig partition on my hard drive I plan to install some Linux based OS on when I get time.
  4. The truth is, it really doesn't matter what "the Linux crowd" says. You can't play games on Linux. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but come on... there's really no point arguing that fact. Games are simply designed for Windows.

    I don't even like Microsoft. I've hardly ever used Linux, and still I dream of a day when I can choose Linux and still play games. I look forward to that day with great anticipation! On the other hand, I doubt that day will ever come. As long as DirectX rules all and Microsoft got the gaming community by the junk with their console franchise, things aren't likely to change.

    I know I can have 2 OS installed side by side, but why would I? There's nothing you can do with Linux that you can't do with Windows! Plus you can play games with Windows! It all comes down to the games, doesn't it?

    Infact, I tip my hat for Linux and their cute little penguin mascot. It's a miracle that it's still around at all. And so snippy, looking down their noses at Microsoft. It's all too cute. :)
  5. Agree... Since most softwares are supporting Windows OS, there's nothing you can do with Linux... Gaming? Only with those free and lousy games... Still Windows OS rules the computing world !
  6. It amazes me that the Linux Community would make such ridiculous statements when at the end of the day their product is only used because it is FREE. It has nothing to do with being better and for that reason they will remain at the bottom. Microsoft, Adobe, AutoDesk, etc. are companies that develop software to generate a profit! Linux can barely give away their software and when it does land on someones machine, good look on receiving any support or "regular" updates. I am not a Linux hater, but I run a business and it is funny how people feel that an organization like Linux which doesn't even pay for their use of the DVD codec wants companies like Microsoft which pay billions of dollars a year in licnensing to go out of business.
  7. No software, no drivers, no support, no games and they make no money... why is it still around? It's like the hobo OS for 3rd world countries.
  8. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 378   +7

    As much as I'd love to defend Linux now, for no good apparent reasons, the thought of Hobo OS is just Amusing xD hahahahahahaha

    Still, I agree with what most people have said above. Whatever Linux can do at this point, Windows can do. The only plus point at the moment is that Linux is free. I used to juggle Linux OSes, but it just can't run the applications I need, like Photoshop, 3DS Max, UVLayout.
  9. leondobr

    leondobr TS Rookie

    Linux is fine for free and for free server side apps. You need another person or two to support it usually.

    On the desktop it has a long history of being almost good enough if only ...

    Don't know anything about smart phones. They're just shiny gadgets. I hate all phones as interruptions.
  10. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 821   +29

    Minus the fact that you really can't run much for games on Linux - I love it. I Ubuntu run it on my laptop and my home media server. When I built a new computer for my dad I put Ubuntu on it - and even my computer illiterate father doesn't have too many troubles with it. It does everything he needs to do - plays music/video, word processing, and gets him online.
    Hobo OS - that cracks me up :D.
    but I do have to disagree on at least your first two points. There is plenty of software for Linux - you just don't see it on the store shelf, and in many cases I have found installing software to be even easier than on Windows (thank you Ubuntu software repository). In some cases I have had better luck with drivers on Linux than Windows. Only thing I have had trouble with is wireless cards ...
    And well for support, I take care of that the same way I do windows - Google. So its really no different.
    But sadly I can't argue with the lacking of games. Trying to run them through Wine is just frustrating. Its really the only thing holding me back from running it as my main OS - I like to game on my computer too much to give that up.
    Until Linux has game support like Windows it will never replace Windows, but I don't really think the Linux Foundation is trying to replace Windows in that aspect.
  11. linux IS good for one thing....most folks havent figured out how to hack or impregnate a virus into it yet....
  12. Jurassic4096

    Jurassic4096 Banned Posts: 155

    webOS = i read its improved, but who uses that?
    Android OS = fragmented.
    WINE = cuz when linux can't get it done... Windows can.
    Compiling = i gotta be a programmer to make it run?
    Drivers = when companies get around to giving you one.
    Linux = you get to upgrade your OS every 6-9 months.
    Runs on older hardware = yea... who wants technology to advance anyway? yucky technology.
    It's free = I'm not a hobo!
  13. Nobody wants to hack a hobo OS anyway, that's why. :D
  14. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,534   +421

    I have a friend who uses Ubuntu, and uses an image of Dr. Hobo from VG cats as his desktop wallpaper. I linked him to the comments for this article and he laughed. =3
  15. gwailo247

    gwailo247 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,007   +18

    We have come to dominate every aspect of computing except desktop.


    I see the strategy now. When you can't grasp any market share of an arena of almost a billion users, just ignore it. We dominate the fuel market, except for gasoline. I saw a study that had 'other' with a higher desktop share than Linux.

    I'm glad the techies are using the ability to customize Linux to run servers and supercomputers, but they still failed to deliver a product that the average person wants to use on their home computer.

    As someone said it, games. 90-odd percent of us are here because we play games. We upgrade our computers cause we play games. Companies make faster and better hardware cause we play games.
    Those supercomputers that run Linux that are using GPUs - hm. Why are the GPU's powerful enough to run supercomputers? Games. One can make the argument that a lot of progress that has been made in computing in the last 3 decades was spurned by games, directly or indirectly.

    The only computer I have that runs Linux runs Linux for the sake of running Linux. I turn it on about once a month, update it, play around with the software and go back to my Windows computer that I play games on.
  16. NeoFryBoy

    NeoFryBoy TS Rookie Posts: 72

    Linux is just as virus prone as any other OS. Including Mac and Windows.
  17. Linux is doing well in enterprise environments, because of licensing terms (FREE).
    Most big server users use Redhat subscription services for the support Redhat provides.
    Qualit support is a big issue for large enterprise customers.
    Windows server is still and will conrinue to be a player in the enterprise.
    The real losers in the enterprise world are proprietary UNIXs, or is that UNI?
    Linux tried, but failed to make a big dent in the desktop world.
    In the HPC world which includes graphics rendering, it is popular.
    Although I was raised on UNIX and like Linux, is doesn't provide
    what I want on the desktop.
  18. I love how replies are talking about desktop OSes when the article clearly states except desktop.

    However I know Linux OSes for desktop computing are actually better than Windows. The problem is with gaming, it can still be done, but you have to jump through hoops to get it working. Most of the hoops are actually caused by hardware developers who don't release Linux drivers. :/
  19. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 867   +73

    We have lots of servers at work and they mostly run windows. A few Linux boxes about which run dns or do a bit of load balancing. They also run a pretty poor email solution for the students. Most everything runs on MS including obviously exchange.
  20. Rick

    Rick TS Evangelist Posts: 4,512   +65

    It would seem Android has given the Linux community some bigger gonads. ;-)

    I'm sure 2012 will be the year of the Linux desktop...
  21. Yes,.. .that may be true in some senses but none the less linux is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry ( maybe not in selling of there software) but in people setting up the reliable server systems and network managers that know how to maintain it. yes it is a free product, but if you are a small business that needs a solution thats affordable im sure you could hire a linux techi or whatnot to come in and set up an entire company on linux for less than it would cost you to buy all new Microsoft licences. none the less opensource is got a smaller financial footprint than the big label but IMHO is doing more for the economy without trying to make a monopoly of its self.
  22. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 867   +73

    Yes but that Linux technician will make his position completely irreplaceable in a way that Microsoft technician couldn't. Linux technicians have a tendency to bury themselves into the code so if you sack them, you wouldn't stand a chance of getting anything fixed without a massive amount of unpicking and rewriting. Plus in my experience they can suggest alternatives to other softwares that require less maintenance just to ensure they have more and more to maintain, thus making themselves even more "indispensable".
  23. Det

    Det TS Enthusiast Posts: 84

    Hehe, these comments sections here are so full of FUD :).

    It was _clearly_ stated on the news that linux is better than Windows in everything _else_ than the desktop. And really, saying that you can do everything with Windows that you can with Linux is obviously wrong. It's just that most people don't care about compiling their own kernels or modifying the boot scripts, etc. so for that matter for the regular PC user it makes no difference in that respect.

    And yeah, it may be that games are all that matters for many desktop PC users :D (I really laughed at that sentence) but again, this news was not about Linux being the gaming/multimedia/whatever-is-windows-or-mac-only platform. It was about linux being everything else.

    Also, these statements about linux having "no software or drivers at all" and being "just as virus-prone as Windows" is simply inaccurate. Some people never cease to amaze me with their level of insufficient information. Obviously, nobody would use it over any other OS, if this was true. I don't even understand where you get these statements from. It all sounds very silly - especially when put in the "oh-i-know-about-technology" form.

    It's like these people got no knowledge whatsoever about linux. What's the point in even commenting here then? Are you trying to prove something to yourself rather than others?

    Seriously, what is this fuzz about? Has any linux user ever come to you and say "you *****, why do you use that crappy OS?" or "haha, with Wine my OS is just as good as yours" or _anything_ like that? Most of them don't even ask any money for their efforts with linux, the distributions or the software they offer you - they do it for free on their spare time (with the expection of those that work in companies). And then you have something negative to comment on even _there_ that "oh, cuz they no get no money, they will never suxxeed" and so forth.

    I mean I (or anybody) am not asking you to use Linux or _even_ test it for once and then decide if you really don't like it. I'm just asking that you cut this crap talk out. If you don't like linux (for _whatever_ reason) and don't want to even try it, fine, I'm good with that. But if you have to phrase that in the form of FUD in some chrisforsaking comment section of some news site's article, then it is best that you _don't_ use it. Frankly, you wouldn't even be worthy of it.
  24. TrekExpert

    TrekExpert TS Enthusiast Posts: 104

    Linux has many more advantages over windows than being free. For one, Linux is much faster. For example Ubuntu starts up about twice faster on my 8 year old Dell desktop than Windows 7 starts up on my new quad core i7 laptop. Once started both systems are about equal in terms of application launching and web surfing speed.

    In terms of games I would defiantly agree that Windows is superior although many people don't realize that Linux isn't that bad for playing games. Although not all games will run on Linux many will run with a compatibility layer.

    Finally as for lack of software, that is a complete lie. There are thousands of open source programs available for Linux and some of which i would even consider superior to their payed counterparts.

    I think the reason why they said they were superior to Windows on all platforms except for the desktop was because most PC gamers use a desktop, thus referring to their weakness in respect to gaming. Besides that argument Linux dominates in all other aspects such as speed, productivity, and customization. For non PC gamers which is a large percentage of PC users I see no advantage in using windows.
  25. Hey Linux.. would you like a cookie??

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