Linuxfx Windows 10 (look alike)


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Linuxfx / Winfx 64 bits PC download | › ... › Operating System Kernels › Linux

I downloaded the .iso file, and burnt a DVD, Live Disk. Without installing it, you can try it out. It did not have any unusual
flaws that effected by computer. I selected do not install, and used the google chrome, web browser, and everything out there
looked O.K. Their forums have email support for questions. You can burn a DVD, or use Rufus, to load a USB installer.

It says, HI just like Windows does, when you first install it. When you use the internet to download programs, they have to be
Linux, and this one is similar to Cinnamon Linux that is used by Colleges. Seems reputable. But so far no sound, and my "?" did not give me a "?", but a ":", as if the key board has to be set up to English better.

So far so good, but afraid of permanently installing it on a hard drive. Fedoria, was a nightmare, but this Linux seems O.K. so far.