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Jul 27, 2008
  1. Hey guys, i'm new here and must say i'm impressed with the community. Very helpful!

    I am hoping to install an 8800 GT, and I am quite sure my PSU is adequate, but i would like to make sure. Here are the PSU specs:

    450 WATT

    +5V // -5V // +12V // -12V // +3.3V // +5VSB
    36A // 0.3A // 18A // 0.8A // 31A //// 2.0A

    Now i have read places that some people run the card slightly underpowered... They say it doesn't affect anything, but i would rather have the minimum or better, nothing less.

    Is this PSU powerful enough?
  2. matthew798

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    No help? Please guys, i really want to know! :)
  3. EXCellR8

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    18 amps on the +12v rail is pretty low, especially for a power-hungry 8800GT. You could try it but honestly I wouldn't feel safe with anything under 30 amps w/ a 8800. There are plenty of inexpensive 500w+ power supplies out there, I would definitely look into upgrading if I were you.
  4. raybay

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    Specs are not important, as much as the quality of the build.
    Tell us brand name and UL number.
    18 amps is ok if the build is quality... but the output must be steady... and that is the thing you cannot measure by specs.
    Separate rails ratings is mainly a marketing gimmick if the quality of the build is top notch.
    Look at Corsair, OCZ, PCPower and Cooling, Zalman, FSP Group, Antec, and so on.
  5. matthew798

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    No make

    need 5 posts to place links...
  6. matthew798

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    No brand on it... Just the word MAX in blue letters. Looks like it might be a logo of some sort but it's more likely to be some asian advertising ploy...

    Will this do?

    as for the UL number.... **searches google for "UL acronym dictionary"**

    Could that be it?

    The sticker has the letters UL inside a circle, so i'm assuming the company registered with this UL thingy... Anyway, that number is the closest thing i could find to what I can tell is a UL number...
  7. dustin_ds3000

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  8. raybay

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    Yes, but that "cheap" involves a $49 rebate, and Newegg rebates are tough to meet. Download and print the rebate forms so you are ready to apply the rebate.

    They never give you time to test or use!

    Send the rebate by verified delivery, and keep a copy of everything.

    It may mean 6 months before you get that rebate, so you are actually paying $127 for that "cheap" power supply, then MAYBE you will get $49 back in 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 months later.

    The quality is good, but is it that good... FSP Group, Sparkle, many Antec, some Seasonic will have the quality for $75 without the rebate hassel.
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