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By PG1
Dec 5, 2005
  1. I'm new on TS, and I'm looking into buying a notebook, but I'm not sure what to get, I'm looking to spend between 1000-1200, and its primary use would be for net browsing, music and moives, because I travel a lot, and I need something to do on these plane rides, and while I'm in these hotels. I will not be using it for my job, it just i Had an older toshiba that was given to me, and it screen was recently damaged,so I looking for a new one, some people are telling to get a Mac, but I never used one so I'm not sure, whats would you guys do if you were in my shoes?
  2. vnf4ultra

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    If you're going to be traveling, I'd suggest getting a small/lightweight laptop(or tablet) with a pentium m processor. Pentium m's get better battery life than celeron m processors. Get 512mb + of ram, and however much hard drive space you need. If you plan on ever running any games try to get a dedicated graphic card, and not an integrated card.
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    Thanks a lot for the info! Ya I do travel alot, so I guess battery life will be important, I'm leaning toward getting a Mac, but I saw a toshiba that looked pretty nice, I will probably get on this weekend, I'll keep all your suggestions in mind. Thanks again!
  4. Vigilante

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    Before making any purchase, heavily research the particular maker and model you are looking at. I personaly wouldn't buy Toshiba, nor HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, and a lot of others. I like Sony, and IBM especially, who was bought is now Lenovo for the laptops.
    A laptop is a tricky thing to buy, cram all the upgrades you can into it, cause it can be a pain to upgrade later. And buy ALL the extra warranty they offer!! You will drop to your knees and thank me for suggesting that, should you ever need it, it will save your life! As most serious repairs to a laptop can cost half the price, or more, of a new one. The warranty comes in mighty handy.

    Happy hunting!
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