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By Roamex
Jul 24, 2007
  1. Hi I am having a few issues with an idea. I am trying to set up a live streaming video conferance that will connect to up too 50 ppl. I have a web cam hooked up to my computer and I am going to maby get some web hosting soon. I am trying find the best way to stream live video at a resolution of close to 640X480 with 30fps. I am only going to be able to afford a max upload of 1Mb/s upload from my computer to the server. If i want better its 2 grand a month eerrrr....

    I just need to know if this is going to be possible or if anyone has any ideas of how to best acheive this goal. Also looking for the best program that can help me do that I aready have a few in mind (adobe, quick time, and windows) programs that were made by them but looking at possible third party solutions.
  2. tipstir

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    How are you connecting this over?

    1. Internet
    2. Intranet
    3. Extranet (same 2)
    4. Domain
    5. Workgroup
    6. Dial-up
    7. DSL
    8. Cablemodem

    It's not hard to do but PQ might suffer?

    What WebCam did you buy?

    There are couple of free host sites with their free webcam software.
    Or you could host cam yourself so others can join in. Is that what you want?
  3. Roamex

    Roamex TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ya I have tried using the site to host free live video but its just not at the resolution I am looking for. I am trying to get more quality then that. I am using a JVC camcorder as my webcam through IEEE 1394.

    I am conecting over the internet(DSL) with a 1Mb/s max connection for upload (6 down). I am going to have the website that ppl go to view this camera on a server that is still to be determind depending on what I need.
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