Loading Yahoo Messenger crashes my computer

By simscar
Jan 17, 2011
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  1. I did a clean install of a XP Pro SP2 (I got hold of a new one to replace my old XP Home). I followed instructions I obtained from Techspot except that I loaded the system drivers before I got all the upgrades for Windows (it is now running XP Pro SP3).

    Everything went well until I loaded Yahoo Messenger and I immediately had the system crash and reboot. I received a Windows "your system has recovered from a serious error" message that suggested it was caused by driver or hardware incompatibility. When the system rebooted, Messenger started to load automatically - I clicked the X to close it and the system crashed again and rebooted with the same Windows error message.

    I tried to open several other things and each time the system crashed and rebooted. Ultimately I opened Control Panel and removed Yahoo Messenger and then did a search and deleted all files relating to it. The system operated fine at this point.

    I downloaded several different versions of YM but each time it crashed - often before it had finished installing properly (when this happened, on rebooting, the YM shortcut was on the desktop and YM automatically started to load but didn't complete. Sometimes YM was in the Control Panel list when this happened, on other occasions, even though it appeared on the desktop and started to load it wasn't in the list of programs in CP that could be removed. I had to delete all the YM files and folders by finding them first in Search.

    I am now stumped and have removed YM from my system; the web version nworks but it only does text chat and not much else, so isn't much good.

    Is it possible that by loading the drivers before i updated XP has caused a conflict?

    BTW as part of the reloading of software, I updated all my drivers using Driver Whiz. Software that I loaded before YM all seems to work fine (includes Opera, Spyzooka; MBAM, Avast Internet Security, Windows Messenger).

    Can anyone help please. I am using a Gigabyte motherboard with CPU of 1.7Ghz and 1 Gb of RAM and running AMD chipset. I'm afraid I'm no technowiz so I need fairly non-tech advice please (or good step-by-step fix instructions).
  2. Computerpete

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    Did you get a BSOD everytime it crashed if it did you will have mini dump files I need these to see what caused the crash also look in the event viewer and have a look at the event ID for when your system crashed.
  3. simscar

    simscar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have identified a number of error logs, but several are over 200kb and can't be attached. What do you suggest please?

    i'll attempt to attach the smaller ones (it seemas it will only take 1)

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  4. simscar

    simscar TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Attaches are reports obtained through EVENTVWR.

    Hopefully these are infornative - there are erfrors and warnings in them.

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