Local Disk Drive Problems

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Oct 5, 2007
  1. Uhh i've recently ran a recovery on my emachine and everythings been going fine with a few adjustments and tweeks that is.. but i seem to have over looked something..this morning i noticed my xp warned me about needing more memory.. and i thought to myself how is that?.. theres hardly anything being used on my cpu..but come to find out my local disk (c) is only 5 GB TOTAL SIZE.. but drive (D) how ever is my primary drive with a total size of 180 GB.. so if i'm not mistaken my local disks have been switched backwards?.. i'm completely dumb founded on what i should do.. how can i fix this problem?
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    Welcome to Techspot,

    Your system is probably refering to RAM (or Memory) which is nothing to do with the hard drive, but to do with the memory that Windows runs on whilst your computer is one, Please could your follow these intructions to find out how much RAM you have so we can help you further,

    Start, Control Panel, System and there you should find it says how much RAM you have.

    Many Thanks,
  3. Vegetox

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    [384 mb of ram] Whats up with that?..
  4. danielsmith89

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    This could be your problem, Windows reccomends at least 512MB of RAM when you run XP. Windows will still run, but when you run lots of programs and applications you may get this error.

    You might have had more before and one of your RAM sticks failed when you done the repair. Have a look inside your machine and see how many RAM sticks you have in there.
  5. ortiz8489

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    vegetox did you ever get the drivers switched back to the way they were.i have that problem now and would like to know what you did to switch back to normal. thanks ortiz8489
  6. Rik

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    Unfortuantely, thats what you get for buying cheap emachine crap. I believe the small partition is the recovery partition wich has your windows install on it as emachine are too cheap to give you an actual cd.
    On most reasonable pc's you can usually change the boot order in the bios to the big partition and install windows there. Knowing emachine, this may not be possible, you will just have to try it.
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