Local repair shop reputable?

By abecedarian
Jun 20, 2008
  1. Slightly OT, perhaps - I suddenly have a message from my ancient computer: "hard disk controller failure" message, and I'm being advised to maybe finally get a new one. This is a difficult not only because of money at this point, but also because I don't have a reliable repair place (NYC, if anyone has a recommendation).

    Is there any way I can tell if a local place in my neighborhood is as good as they like to say they are? Is there a site that discusses this kind of thing, or a site that is good for recommending places? I stopped by a place that helped me a few years ago, and I got a guy who'd only been doing repairs for a year who says it's unfixable - but it might just be ignorance or laziness on his part.

  2. mailpup

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    Unless you know that you have a separate expansion card with a hard disk controller on it (not typical), your hard drive controller is built into the motherboard. As a practical matter they aren't fixable. You would need a new motherboard. Since yours is ancient, any modern, new motherboard would likely need a new processor and RAM as your old equipment is probably obsolete. You might also need a better power supply for you new components.

    Because of all the components involved, you might as well buy or build an all new one.
  3. insoman

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    or buy a PCI controller, shut your computer down, push it into one of the vacant slots, unplug your hard drive and plug it into the afore mentioned then switch your computer back on. they cost next to nothing and if it doesn't work you can always buy a new one.
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    after a while, most electronics will fail. You're far better off getting a new system than spending money on an old system. You can get some very good deals nowadays. Don't forget to recycle your old components and dispose of properly. Most jurisdictions do not allow disposal in regular trash as it is hazmat.
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