Need Help Identifying and Fixing Damage with my Laptop

some time ago (across the center of summer time remaining yr), I dropped my laptop a short distance at the same time as trying to o deliver it to a one-of-a-kind room. a part of the body across the display on the left side popped off a little. the computer had certainly no issues for the longest time (contact display screen worked quality, song pad labored first-rate, no troubles with keyboard, no troubles with body costs, and so on.). about sometime in october, it popped out a little extra on its very own, but there was still no troubles at all resulting from it. about a day before christmas, my computer suddenly just began killing itself. it’s constantly at 100% disk for no discernible motive. I didn’t down load any software program updates, extensions, programs, etc. I hadn’t visited any internet site apart from youtube and google that day, I didn’t get any viruses (I’ve checked approximately 5 times now the use of paid mcafee antivirus). my point is, it simply stopped working. no purpose, no motive, it simply commenced having a hundred% disk constantly. I’ve tried pretty much each ordinary restore to the problem to no avail (things like disabling windows search, non essential startup packages, making sure I’m not over my storage ability, and so on). I’m convinced this in some way a hardware difficulty simply because I will’t locate any software program problems or fixes. although I doubt it, I simply don’t have a preference however it believe the partly popped casing is by some means screwing over my disk pressure. I'm able to’t take my laptop to any kind of store any time soon because of the covid-19 lockdown taking place, so I don’t have a desire but to peer if there’s some manner I'm able to get some assist on solving it myself. so please, I beg absolutely everyone that might be capable of provide some assistance with this, please help me try and get this resolved. it’s broadly speaking vital just because it’s the best way I'm able to do my schoolwork, and it’s very hard to work with because of the regular lag and gradual speeds.

edit: didn’t mention it, however I’ll be extra than satisfied to reply any questions associated with my computer and possible repairs within the remarks, though my solutions will only be to the nice of my capability