Logitech cordless troubles

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Dec 24, 2004
  1. A few months ago I traded some hardware for a used Logitech MX keyboard and mouse. I used this set for a coupe of hours and it soon died on me. Not knowing the source of this equipment I called Logitech and after several tests I got an RMA number and within 2 days I received a new and more expensive set because the old one already phased out.

    The new set didn't work too well. Some times it lost connection but did reconnect properly. Because I can't live with hardware that fails once in a while I've sold the mouse and stored the keyboard, because the mouse did not lose connection at all. I didn't contact Logitech again because I didn't want to. I'm sure they would have helped me out again.

    I got a new LX500 from a local shop and this is as far as I could see the most competitive cordless set from Logitech. I used this set happily for 2 weeks and now the keyboard went dead again. It first starts missing keys, and it's behaviour is like the PC is responding very slow. Then holding a certain key results in a moment of silence 1-2 seconds and then printing that key about 8-10 times on screen. After 2 new desktop sets experiencing this kind of trouble I got mad.

    I checked the batteries, but the batteries in the keyboard still work with the mouse. The result is that the LX500 keyboard is died in 20 minutes and now I'm confused. Expecting that Logitech is a quality vendor, prooving with 5 years of warranty. On the other hand I don't believe that I'm the lucky one to receive 2 sets with a troublesome keyboard and a dead keyboard. Also my first set had similar behaviour but was more then 2years old.

    Do you as a Logitech cordless user ever had trouble with hardware failure? Or is it just bad luck? One thing I'm sure about, I have to call Logitech and they gonna have it from me.
  2. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Which channel are you using?

    There have been cases where two people using wireless keyboards the signals would block eachother... (I know first hand that it happens when using wireless mice at lan parties)

    Also, are you sure it's the keyboard and not your system? What programs are you running (both front and in the background)?
    Does it happen if you only try writing in notepad?

    Have you tried updating the driver to see if that could be cause of the problem?
  3. waterbee

    waterbee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I use the default channel I guess. I didn't came across channel settings, I don't use any software or driver. It is a LX500. I don't suspect blocking or interference because this is the only desktop I have, though I'm not aware of what the neighbours are using. The programs I use are not the problem, I''m sure the Logitech hardware is at fault, except that any interference might also have caused the problem, however the other keyboard that I still have around is working for several hours without problems with the same receiver and batteries. I wouldn't recommend using drivers for Logitech hardware, for Windows there's no difference in Logitech or regular PS/2 devices, wired or not. I appreciate your help and thought about your suggestions. What I really would like to know if there are more Logitech users that have to reconnect their cordless stuff once in a while, this should not be the case and if this 2nd brand new keyboards fails again they *will* hear about it from me.
  4. MrGaribaldi

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    It does sound strange that it only works for a short time and then stop, instead of the problem randomly appearing at certain times (as it should've if it were interference from another user)...

    And as such, contacting Logitech is the only option I can think of...
    Though I can tell you one thing, and that is you'll be told to install/upgrade to the latest software ;)
  5. kunob

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    LX500 Troubles


    I have recently bought an LX500 mouse and keyboard also. Triple key combinations (e.g. ctrl&shift&k) do not work, not even after trying several suggested remedies from Logitech support. I am equally surprised, since Logitech has a solid reputation in my view. I am now using the keyboard just with generix XP drivers; key combinations still do not work and I just do not have the time to keep fiddeling & looking for remedies. I wish this thing would have worked straight from the box.
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    I have the MX700 cordless optical mouse, but with a corded Logitech keyboard.
    Never got the mouse disconnected. After initial hiccups, I uninstalled the Logitech SW and have now been using the standard W2K mousedriver without any problem whatsoever for nearly 2.5 years.
    Mouse-station connected to USB2.0
  7. ktorpil

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    I have the solution to your problem !!!

    Hi. I have the LX 500 and was experiencing the same problems. In a game like WoW this can be quite frustrating. For weeks and weeks I tried to solve this. I uninstalled the drivers, used both PS/2 and USB but I couldn't get it to work properly. In the end, I realised that I forgot something: repositioning the dongle ! The dongle was sitting on my desk about 5cms close to my mouse. When I moved it farther away from the mouse the problem was gone ! I experimented several times with WoW, running in cirles while strafing and jumping. As I said when I move the dongle closer the problem appears, when I move it far away it disappears. I suggest that you put your dongle about 1m away from your mouse and keyboard. I hope this will help you too... Btw: I am using the latest Logitech software. Do not bother uninstalling it..
  8. nucleardreams

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    Because many wireless devices use the same frequencies, 2.4GHz, there is bound to be some interference or conflicts with multiple wireless components in the same room or in adjacent rooms. Even though frequency hopping reduces effects of interferences, conflicts still plague alot of users. If this is the case in your situation, I suggest you identify those wireless devices in the room where you are using Logitech equipment and selectively remove each device until you find out which one is using the same band. :cool:
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