Logitech launches a wireless version of its popular G502 gaming mouse


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In many ways, the G502 Lightspeed is similar to its wired predecessor, the G502 Hero. It retains the iconic design and features, the same Hero 16K sensor that can exceed 400 IPS and deliver 16,000 DPI tracking, and 11 customization buttons, but now comes with six weights (two 4g weights, four 2g weights) instead of five for even finer tuning and feel. The included USB adapter has a report rate of 1ms.

To remove the cord and fit wireless bits inside, the mouse had to be completely re-engineered with a new mechanical and electrical design. The new thin-wall structure has reduced the overall weight by 7 grams and given more interior space to house additional components and the battery that offers a run time of 48 hours or about two/three weeks of moderate usage.

The Lightspeed features Logitech's PowerPlay wireless charging, which lets you juice it up hassle-free on the company's $99 PowerPlay mouse pad. If you don't own the fancy charging pad, just plug in the mouse's braided Micro USB cable like the filthy casual that you are. The PowerPlay wireless tech is also one of the reasons for the $100 price hike of this new model.

Logitech G's Lightsync RGB Technology provides personalized lighting effects with approximately 16.8 million colors and the mouse's on-board memory can store up to five profiles to take your customized settings on the go.

The mouse is PVC free and has a Plastic Neutral Certification as part of the company's environmental sustainability efforts. With each purchase, Logitech will help in funding programs that help remove ocean-bound plastic from the environment.

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" If you don't own the fancy charging pad, just plug in the mouse's braided Micro USB cable like the filthy casual that you are."

LOL...OK, that was pretty funny. :D

Love my G502 and glad a wireless version is finally out. I'll be all over this...


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MSRP same pricing as G900 when it first release... so nothing new pricing wise. Wonder if there are any improvement compare to the G900 that I'm still using.


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My Logitech G903 is RMA right now - Logitech is using some type of no name switches.
Luckily it died in full warranty.


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I'll stick with G900 thanks that things only good for righties.
Do not worry, it seems they will release a refresh version for G900/G903 as well.
The question remains - will they finally solve the endurance of the mice by using omrons?