Long delays when I close a program

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i was wondering if anyone can give me some advice about my computer
my specs are
Asus M2n sli deluxe
2gb ddr2 800 ram
Amd Athlon x2 6000+
430w thermaltake psu
3 WD sata HDDs
asus 8600gts

i have got this computer for over a year and a half now and it has been working smooth and quickly with no instability etc, but recently i have been experiencing some lag or long delays when i close a program like IE or firefox or even my computer, i have a program that monitors my cpu and ram usage in real time, every time this lag or delay happens there is high RAM usage not so much high cpu usage, but i have noticed my ram gets use up quickly. as in when i have my common programs running eg fire fox, chrome, msn, skype, and some odd utility progs my ram can go over 50% usage when i watch movies also ram usuage can get over 70% . which i feel this is not normal and quite unusual from the earli days of me using this computer this had not occurred before.

at first i was thinking this is a software problem but i have done a format of this computer but it didnt seem to heap
so my 2nd guess was that a piece hardware starting to fail aka the Ram
or my computer is over heating too much?
correct me if im wrong

does anyone know why my computer is very hungry for ram?
and also give me some advice on this, if you need fore information on this i can let you know
thanks in advance
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