Looking for a Good Cooling System

By Sir_Lancelot · 6 replies
Nov 22, 2005
  1. Im gonna be building a PC here soon, and I want a good cooling system, Im on a budget here though so nothing overly fancy or expensive, all I need is something that will keep everything in the case cool so Ill never have to worry about an overheating problem.
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    We'll need the intended specs to really help with heat managment,

    1.case- type and size, # of fan placements
    2.cpu- brand, socket, speed
    4.psu- (imho) the most important

    There are many good cooling configuration that all work well.
    We'll be happy to share out what we know!

  3. joman2055

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    I have a 2.8P4 with a very small overclock to 2.92 and it idles between 18-30C while the system is 32C I have a coolermaster Areo or somthin like that. it is the alum version so I imagine the copper one is better. It also has a knob on it so i can turn the speed up or down. Those temps are all on it's lowest setting when i play UT2004 I turn it up about half way and the P4 runs about 40-45. I think it was pretty cheap too i think it was around 20-30 bucks but that was two years ago so i cant really remember.
    I think this is what i have http://www.directron.com/di47j74f.html
  4. SOcRatEs

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    So you want to upgrade from these specs?
    Those are good temps on that system.

    I'm running the thermaltake big water SE
    I got from Fry's elec, of all places :dead: , $69 usd.
    A little complicated to install but not too bad.
    Rock solid @ 40°c to 46°c under load and idle.
    P4 2.4 @ 3.0

    When I upgrade I will use this on whatever cpu I get.
  5. Eleventeen

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    Also if you have a VGA card you want to cool with the bigwater, you can just buy a waterblock with 1/4" fittings. Thermaltake makes one that is compatible. It brought my VGA card from 58C idle/76C load , to 39C idle/44C load. Just something to think about.
  6. Sir_Lancelot

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    My Specs

    well I guess I did forget to mention the parts Ive picked out thus far so heres a list of links to them so you guys can recommend the best affordable cooling system for my future PC (considering I can find a job in this forsaken backwoods mountain town and hold it though march)









    Im pretty sure everything there is compatable with each other, it is the first computer I will be building if you guys spot any errors in compatability while your looking up some cooling systems for me please point them out, I dont wanna end up blowing money ya know.
  7. SOcRatEs

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    Depending on how many vid cards you intend to run
    the only weak spot I see is the psu 400w. In most cases ppl
    tend to under spend on the psu. Protect your invested money and time,
    don't skimp on the psu. You may want to consider a case w/o
    psu, then buying a sperate psu of higher quality and wattage.

    Otherwise you out ramped my system with this one. Nice sytem! :grinthumb
    Tempting me too!
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