Looking to buy a desktop computer

By Exhonour
Aug 7, 2008
  1. I didnt know where else to ask, people on yahoo answers only know how to say:
    "buy mac men"
    Well I dont want a freaking mac, thank you for asking.

    Budget is tight, up to 600. Not sure if up to 700 will work. Canadian dollars only. Please help me look on any of these:
    www.tigerdirect.ca <- most likely not because most PCs are shipping

    I dont care if its reburbished, as long as its a decent brand and has atleast:
    - A dual core processor or equivalent - I dont know much about athlons but aslong as they are good im fine
    - 2G RAM+
    - HD space doesnt matter to much, as long as its 100G+
    - A decent video card, preferably an nvidia, 8th series would be great, if not an ATI card is fine. No integrated graphics, and no Intel graphics either. I got a 7600GS that I could possibly use

    Im mostly looking for an upgrade from my intel celeron d
    Just look through the sites and when you find something interesting go ahead post linky.

    Heres a few I found, maybe you can help pick out best one. Sorry Im not rich and cant pay too much for something better.



    I think all of them either have a dual, triple or quad core. Graphics vary a lot, Im not too sure about the 9300 GE (never heard of it, cant even search it up), theres a few 8400-8600 GS/GT, etc.
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