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LotRO info

By ThrasherFan22
Jul 22, 2008
  1. Hello everyone. I am about to give LotRO another try after leaving it to return to WoW to level my characer (who is now 70 :p) I never really made it past the early levels before leaving but now that Im giving the game another shot, what is it like at later levels? In WoW, im majorly into PvE instances and raids. At What level can you do your first actual DUNGEON instance. Are there solo and "fellowship/group" dungeons and if so, at what level can I begin to access this content? Also, which class is the easiest to level ie: in WoW the easiest class to level is typically a Hunter. Im not asking which is the best, just which one levels quicker. Also, when I make my first character, which should i choose? Seeing as In WoW I am a Dwarf Paladin, what classes relate closely to that?

    Thanks for all of your help :)
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